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Great service. Minimal waiting times. Friendly staff. I have found a dentist has who has put the smile back on my face! 5/5 stars.
Judy Brousseau
Both Dr. Pinto’s are professional and knowledgeable and make you feel like you are the most important patient. You and your staff are wonderful, accommodating and always make me smile.
Sophia Krol
Dr. Aparna and Renaldo Pinto became my husband’s and my dentist several years ago at the commencement of their practice on Creditview Road in Mississauga. Although, I had good dental health and looked after my teeth with regular appointments, I was not happy with their appearance due to some spacing, size and colouring issues. For years I found myself shying away from having my photo taken and long ago developed a habit of placing a hand in front of my mouth rather than smiling directly at the camera. Having developed a strong confidence with both Doctor Pintos’ and with the encouragement of my husband, I sought out their advice regarding what could be done to improve my smile. Dr. Aparna Pinto took the lead and after examination provided options for improvement that were both cosmetic and medically healthful. I had developed some veneer cracking that was going to require correction in the future which was factored into my final decision. Dr. Pinto is the epitome of a dental professional and with her team transformed my mouth beyond my expectations. Dr. Pinto took great care to make sure the work done was perfect. The improvement to my smile was and is dramatic. I am now happy to smile with great confidence and no longer have any problem getting my picture taken. I only wish I had it done sooner.
Pamela Tweedy
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